This is a story told from mothers to daughters. About women, young and old, some mothers but all witches. Welcome to Anna Rovira’s world.

As a child, I imagined all the colors on a blank sheet, mixed. My grandmother sewed for everyone. In the dining room, a mountain of flowers, cotton stripes, wool and needles between the slots of the tiles. The cupboards were full of fabrics of a thousand shapes and colors.

I was silent while looking at her.

My mother inherited her art. On Sunday afternoons it was time for drawings and smell of coffee. My grandmother and my mother choosing clothes and colors for my summer dresses. Green ducks, dolls with hats, pinks, greens, purples, threads everywhere; and, from that moment, my imaginary world began to build my own story.

I wanted colored pencils, notebooks and chicken rubbers. Nothing else. I wanted hugs from my loved ones, the smell of letters, the smell of summer, the sea, flowers of a thousand colors, a green mountain, a field of poppies.

Many slips, tests, learnings, more and less accurate decisions, but love has been guiding me on my way.

Love gave me Violeta, Emilia and Sabina. That love, that inexplicable force, brought out the best in me to transform it into who I am: Anna Rovira.

Without barely realizing, my first pieces are born: my first Emilias. It’s a handbag, yes, but it is so much more. The result of the story about a girl who is now a woman and also a mother. A girl who never knew how to express her emotions. I was afraid to show myself just as I am, afraid of what people would say, insecurity, I felt small, tiny. Why stay alone with one single color when I love all of them and in all different ways?

Today, I’m ready. I still struggle with words, but that is what my pieces and family are for. They are the result of, finally, knowing my darker side and not being afraid of the light. This is me. A head where, between curl and curl, you would see butterflies and birds of a thousand colors, flying free.

Now, the freedom to create has no limits.

You have the soul of my tribe in your hands. And it will be what you want it to be.